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An open letter to Labour MPs from Labour voters.

I share this sentiment with Mrs SP, so there are at least two of ‘us’.

An open letter to Labour MPs from Labour voters.


It’s been a rough night hmm? We’re on TV trying to figure out where it all went wrong. I say we, but I suppose you and “us” parted company a few years back.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten us. We are the tax paying, voting people. Remember the folks who put the X in the box in 1997, and waited with you, fingers and toes crossed, for the results to come in? The ones who sang to D:REAM as Michael Portillo was slumping, shell shocked into the background. We are the ones you said you’d listen to, and would work for. The plan was that you’d go in there, make them behave. Take away the power ball, and give it back to us. We made sure you got the job.

And now 11 years later, to this morning, you’re mulling over the 10p issue, and how big a mistake it was. Perhaps that’s why we don’t love you anymore. But I’ll let you into a little secret. The 10p won’t make a difference, even if you put it right again. This all started to go wrong once toeing party lines became more important than being our voice in parliament. Then you start to vote for ID cards and anti-terror laws, Trident, and Iraq. You even voted against transparency and openness of parliament. What came over you? You should have asked before you started making decisions like that on your own. We don’t need new anti-terror laws, or ID cards. If there’s another attack, we’ll deal with it pragmatically, like we always have. Stop wasting our money on it. And stop wasting our money by being in someone else’s country. They don’t want us there, and we don’t want to be there.

Remember “education, education, education”? Why are you are cutting funding to science in universities? Don’t you agree that there’s little point in giving the kids the gift of language and mathematics, if at the end of it, there’s nothing for them to get their teeth into? It isn’t enough to make sure that they can read Dick and Dora, or a Dole form. We should be inspiring them to greater things, and then giving them the infrastructure to play so that they become masters of their fields. It doesn’t matter how much this costs, (we could pay for it hundreds of times over with ID card money).

And what’s up with the services? Why do we need to attend meetings to keep the post offices open? The post office you voted to close. We don’t care that it’s losing money. You do realise that services are, by their very nature, going to leak money, right? The trick is to accept that, and get on with it. Just tell us how much, and we’ll put our hands down the side of the sofa.

Maybe you’ve just lost touch with what you are actually there to do. Labour isn’t “everything that Gordon or Tony says”. It’s supposed to be an ethical principle that we all share. Please, stop following ‘the party’, and get back to the principle. We really, really want you to grow a backbone. Stand up to the idiots in the front seats, when they’re doing something stupid. Spit paper balls at the back of their heads, and bully them into submission. We need a government of rebels. Be one of us again, our voice. And if they ask, tell them that we sent you. Tell them if they refuse to behave, we’re taking away the ball. And what’s worse, we’ll probably end up giving it back to the Tories.

Love and kisses

Us xxxx

P.S. Tim Ireland had his finger on this pulse ages ago: